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Monday, February 15, 2010

Weekend update and Monday musings

I'm still trying to get my iPhone to feel like MY iphone! I've had to overhaul my contact list because Apple's software added all my email contacts off my laptop into my phone when I re-synced things last week, even though I tried to tell it not to. And it dorked up all my pictures, moving them from the camera roll to the photo library, where they can't be deleted easily and rotated most of them 90 degrees so they didn't display properly. This morning I have been sorting and filing pictures on the laptop, organizing and deleting duplicates and trying to make order of my picture folders. It's been a mess. Certainly I have wrecked some blog photo connections or links in my Photobucket account. But I think I finally have my phone set up the way I want it and I've loaded some new contact pictures so if you call me I may have a photo of you to give me a hint before I answer the phone.

Yesterday was Valentines- you knew that already and the BSU and I celebrated at Olive Garden with the grandbaby's mama, Stephanie and the baby's daddy too- even though they aren't a couple or together and even though he has a different, live-in girlfriend who was at work. Awkward! Sadly, they still act like a couple more than I think is appropriate and he insisted that she would drive him back to his apartment and stuck around at her place. I don't know how long he stuck around but when the live-in GF texted me, I had to tell her that I was at home and he was still at the ex-GF's place. What was I supposed to say? I'm not lieing for him, so he can make up his own story when he gets home.

I've done a little job hunting today and need to get back at it this afternoon. The job hunt keeps dragging along and it is a little discouraging because it just seems like I should be getting more invitations for interviews for the positions I have already applied for. Everybody I have talked to assures me it could take months but I'm impatient and don't like the break in my work habits. So the sooner I find something and get back to it, the happier I will be. Maybe when the unemployment money begins to come in I'll be less cranky but for now I'm chafing at the uncertainty of it all.

It's raining and dreary outside and the rain means it will be too muddy to go out shooting with Kenny tomorrow like we wanted, so that's a bummer. Last Saturday Jim and I went to the big boat show and window shopped all the shiny new boats. Neither of us are in the market for a new boat- I'm unemployed and have a boat already and Jim's getting ready to retire and has a boat, so unless either of us wins the lotto, we aren't buying. But it is fun to go look and see the new ones and compare the features we like and don't.

Oh yeah- one more thing; I've been elected to be a member of our church's vestry and the junior warden. This is the first time in my life I've ever had a real position in any church, so it feels like a big deal. I'll be involved in assisting with program implementation, building maintenance and problem solving for at least the next 2 years. It should be an interesting challenge...

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